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Our REGULAR, WHITENING/BRIGHTENING AND HEALING SHAMPOOS are excellent for Laundry use and our customers and/or their animals that have sensitive skin due to the chemicals in laundry detergents find that using our HEALING SHAMPOO has been a helpful solution. If you are looking for an awesome "DE-SKUNKING" or eliminating "URINE" or foul smells--Espana SILKS Healing Shampoo is also an ODOR-ELIMINATOR  to your Rescue for you, your pet as well as for your carpets, floors, blankts, etc...wherever the odor is emitting... use our Healing Shampoo with the magical EUCALYPTUS ingredient that cuts through "pet/body/hair oils & variaous stinky smells" beautifully!!!  Our "Lilly of the Valley" WHITENING/BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO is great to use on colored/treated/high lighted/normal/all light to dark hair shades-- NO decoloring/fading or bleaching/rinsing out any salon or home treatments for hair or fabric/carpets/upholstery-- as well as getting clothes whiter/brighter in the wash.  All our SHAMPOOS are great for yourself as a shampoo/ body wash/shower gel, manicures/pedicures, and because it's streak-free it's great for using to wash cars/trucks, windows,floors, kennels, floor mats, buckets, tack, etc ... and the sewer/septic systems appreciate our products because they are all biodegradable and won't clog, pollute or back up the plumbing systems.

Espana SILK Pro Natural Whitening and Brightening Shampoo 1Ltr

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