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The ANTISEPTIC TOPICAL SPRAY will provide and amaze you with its many uses and our repeat customers call it the “Miracle Spray” and is good for any minor skin or ear irritation/inflammation on humans and animals .... from skin allergies, bug/fly bites, a natural alternative for ridding fleas & ticks, hives, irritated bumps, rubbing, itchy tails, bee stings, rashes, scratches, sunburn, clipper burn, hot spots, rain rot, girth itch, paper cuts, skin blemishes/black-heads, acne, oral mouth rinse/care, use on cancer sores in & out of mouth, a daily astringent and deodorant, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, jock itch, athletes foot..... any type of skin or itch issue .... try it out .... it relieves, cools, soothes, comforts on contact and promotes healing & stimulates hair growth- -you will see results immediately!!  You'll also simply love using it as an all-over spritzer for pampering you and your pet.  Our Antiseptic Topical Spray is that it may provide temporary releif as a mild liniment for those aching, sore or tired muscles when used as a compliment with our Antiseptic Healing/Wellness Conditioner.  A side benefit of our Antiseptic Topical Spray can be used for "degreasing" needs from locks to tough stains--used in conjunction with our Healing/Wellness Shampoo for optimal results.

Espana SILK Antiseptic Topical Spray 500ml

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