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 ESPANA SILK'S DETANGLER/FULL BODY SHEEN is a MUST for an added leave-in conditioner and works wonders as a natural volumizer, if needed.   Evidence has proven that not only our animals but people NEED more HYDRATION plus the added benefit of SUNSCREEN is a necessary bonus.  Being NON-SLIPPERY/NON-STICKY when applied makes braiding, dematting, brush-outs easy and long lasting saving you lots of time along with repelling dirt/dust; reducing static/electricity and fly-away hair. Spraying on clothes, nylons, linen, blankets, etc. eliminates static cling and provides a wrinkle releaser in place of ironing if needed -- simply spray our Detangler on your clothing items that need to be pressed on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten out the wrinkles. Whether you are using it for yourself or on your pet you'll value the shine and added hydration hair will be embraced with ....and for the horse owners.--spraying on hooves gives a beautiful shine/gloss. 


Espana SILK All Natural Protein Detangler/Sheen/Protectant 1LTR

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