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Our REGULAR AND HEALING CONDITIONERS are BOTH great to use as a cream rinse for yourself, gel/mousse solution for hair & overall moiturizer for body as well as a fabric softener in your laundry. Take advantage of using our Regular Conditioner (if you do not require any Sunscreen) and use as your "leave in Spray-on Conditioner" or Detangler by simply taking 1 part conditioner and mixing it with up to 5 parts or more water (depending on if you have soft or hard water) to make a great Detangler that you can customize to your liking by diluting to your needs.  Using the HEALING CONDITIONER as a sauve/ointment for all 4 & 2 legged in & out of your household to apply as a "sealer" and/or "top coat" works beautifully and is a double bonus used in conjunction with the ANTISEPTIC TOPICAL SPRAY as the "base coat"--together these two work their magic on a variety of skin issues & as a mild linament for tired, sore or aching muscles thanks to the Eucalyptus, Chamomile & Aloe Vera healing agents! You'll receive lots of benefits by using both of our CONDITIONERS  as a natural softener for your leathers (coats, boots, purses, saddles, tack, furniture, car interior, etc); applying to dogs/cats paw pads; horses coronet bands & hooves-- AS WELL AS USING AS A  MAKEUP REMOVER AND ON YOURSELF AS A FACE, HAND, FOOT, BODY LOTION & LIP BALM---TRY IT, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!

Espana SILK All Natural Protein Conditioner 1Ltr

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